Amadine for iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks

The opportunity to work on the go is greatly appreciated, and such service compatibility is slowly becoming a great necessity for any application. The iOS version allows staying in touch with colleagues, fixing errors, and assigning tasks whenever and wherever you are. That’s why new vector graphics applications like Amadine gain more popularity than Adobe products these days.

The reason for this tendency is straightforward. Not only does Amadine differentiate with its smooth and intuitive workflow, but also it can boast of Mac, iPhone and iPad compatibility. It is a nice thing to carry an all-inclusive solution that satisfies your objectives just in your pocket, isn’t it?

Getting Started

Although the functionality is the same between different versions, navigation slightly differs. If you would like to master this vector drawing app more efficiently, don’t hesitate to learn theoretical recommendations and to check them in practice simultaneously. This will let enthusiasts become aware of iPad and iPhone tricks offered by Amadine smoother and less exhausting.

The list of Gestures can be checked in the special menu section. All you need to do is to find the Support and Help sections and investigate the Gestures capabilities. At the same time, video tutorials will definitely come in handy. The service provider lets you get tuned to the path editing basics, as well as the ways to apply divergent tools without hassle.

New users are also welcome to check the Amadine artwork gallery. On the one hand, this will help you understand how advanced and powerful the present suite of functions is. On the other hand, this demonstration of the new vector graphics application’s capabilities is a perfect source of inspiration and motivation for beginners, amateurs, and experienced designers.

It is not Mission Impossible to use your previous works or references in the current project. Amadine for iPad and iPhone users allows importing files of your choice and consideration to the program and create layouts on their basis. In turn, you are welcome to combine hand-written and machinery approaches in vector graphics. Besides, digital sketches can be created with the help of third-party tools and then forwarded to Amadine for further tuning.

Find the Import section in the main menu and upload necessary references directly. You can also search for corresponding images online and use the files from the browser simultaneously with the working process in the program. Don’t hesitate to check Dribbble and Behance to get inspired.

Getting Accustomed to iPad and iPhone Functionality of Amadine

The arrangement of tools depends on the Amadine version you apply. In the case of accessing the program via iOS/iPadOS, some additional gestures will help you command the project performance simpler. That resembles keyboard shortcuts a lot. And who doesn’t want to save a tap on quicker operations?

Of course, it will take some time to remember all of them, but the majority of the offered tips are intuitive in navigation. For instance, holding down two fingers will let you resize the layout from the center. Swiping to right and left, as well as double-tab are unique gestures in their learning smoothness.

However, some manipulations have to be remembered thoroughly. To undo the last operation, you are to tap on the screen with two fingers. The same gesture but with three fingers will let enthusiasts reverse the last Undo action. Apart from the Menu, it is possible to find simplifiers in the form of buttons and gestures in the Action Bar too.

If you aren’t really accustomed to using iPad and iPhone devices natively, the following trick is exactly what you need — just utilize an external keyboard and mouse to dive into details of mobile vector graphic design at the best matching pace. Amadine supports continuity, and that’s excellent news for owners of a few gadgets.

The Ending Cessation

All in all, moving from a Mac to more maneuverable versions with Amadine is a piece of cake even for non-techno-savvy users. The secret is simple—the overall intuitive navigation that comes along with thorough and detailed explanations of how to simplify the learning curve makes the process of switching between devices flawless. The Amadine functionality for Mac is compressed in its mobile desktops completely, so you won’t be lacking in your opportunities regardless of which platform you can use at the moment.

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