Android vs iPhone – Which is Better?

So you require another phone, yet you’re considering getting away from Android or iOS. In any case, is the grass greatly greener on the contrary side, or would it be advisable for you to remain with what you know? Here we plot the favourable circumstances and disadvantages of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, the software the phones run. It’s Android vs iPhone.

Before we start, we should point out that this guide is arranged as a concise survey to empower you to pick whether to pick an Android phone or an iPhone. It’s not proposed to be a far-reaching comparison of every last segment, both in hardware and software, of each kind of phone. And we likewise understand that unfaltering fans won’t be persuaded to switch – that is not the purpose of this article by any methods.

Android vs iPhone: At a Glance


Android vs iPhone


  • Hardware and software both controlled and upgraded by Apple.
  • Curated application store, fewer worries of malware.
  • All things considered incredible help.


  • No expandable amassing.
  • Walled-plant organic group.
  • Limited customisation.



  • Open source, easily changed.
  • Expandable limit on various phones.
  • More broad choice of phones.


  • The higher plausibility of malware.
  • Interface not the same on all phones.
  • Inconsistent help.

Android vs iPhone: Apps

We’ll get to the phones and working systems right away, yet we should oversee apps first. Several years back, architects discharged their apps for iOS, to begin with, and Android customers tended to need to hold up a while (interminably in some cases) previously they could get them.

By and by, close to a few phenomenal exceptional cases, apps are open in the two phases and routinely there’s no sit tight for the Android version. The broadness of decision is fabulous on both, and better than anything you’ll discover with the restriction: Microsoft’s Windows Phone (now Windows 10 Mobile) and Amazon’s Fire OS.

Most by far should pick an Android phone or an iPhone since Microsoft has every one of the reserves of being engaging a losing battle with Windows phones, and Amazon has successfully surrendered with the primary phone it made: you can never again buy a Fire Phone.

Android vs iPhone: Hardware

The essential fact is that in case you require an iPhone, you’ve got a significantly less demanding decision than on the off chance that you’re picking an Android phone. That is down to the way that Apple tends to offer only three or four one of a kind models at any one time, with screen sizes stretching out from 4in (the iPhone SE) up to the 5.5in iPhone 7 Plus. On the inside is the iPhone 7, with its 4.7in screen.

There’s furthermore the best in class iPhone 8 which is depended upon to be tinier than the iPhone 7 Plus however have a more prominent 5.8in screen. This moreover covers most spending designs, with the SE starting at £379 from Apple (and more affordable if you glance around), up to £699+ for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Android phones, on the other hand, are abundant to the point that it can be questionable picking the right one. Expenses go from £50 to around £800, and there are both clearly comprehended makers, for instance, Samsung and Sony, to brands you’ve never thought about.

Are iPhones better than anything the best Android phones? Not by any stretch of the imagination, no. Some Android phones have ideal cameras over iPhones, while others have higher-assurance screens, or additional features that you don’t get with iPhones, for instance, NFC, heart-rate screens and – fundamentally – expandable limit.

It’s possible to buy iPhones with an impressive measure of limit, yet not all models offer 128GB. And Apple charges a significant measure for an extra limit. With various Android phones, you can insert a microSD card. To be sure, even a 64GB card can cost as pitiful as £13, nonetheless, you’ll pay a ton more for the corresponding extra space inside an iPhone.

There are inclinations to having all the more internal accumulating, including the way that you don’t have to worry about where your apps, music, video and diverse records are secured. You’re guaranteed awesome execution which isn’t something that can be said with respect to all the SD cards you can buy.

Android vs iPhone: Software

Android has improved by a wide edge and we’re by and by at the point where the two iOS and Android are tied for the best convenient working system.

Clearly, this is much subjective as the target, and there will reliably be those that support iOS and those that think Android is best.

Here’s the way by which they differentiate at a fundamental level. If you have to consider the latest structures, take a gander at our advisers for iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo.

Home Screens

Most obviously, iPhone apps all sit on various home screens, comparatively as they have always done. Unquestionably, you can put them in envelopes and output for them, yet your home screens can’t, for the most part, be changed.

With Android, there’s altogether greater flexibility. You can impact it to like iOS, however correspondingly you can push all your apps in the application plate and leave your home screen to display a charming photo if you like, or add devices to show the atmosphere, world time and various distinctive things.


iPhones have Siri, Android phones have Google Now (the latest ones have the Google Assistant). Google Now is exceptionally compelled, however, Siri and Google Assistant have practically identical limits.

All can be used to set alerts, refreshes, get direction, check movie times and continuously and can send texts and messages using interpretation.

They’re getting the opportunity to be detectably able at controlling sharp home gadgets, for instance, lighting, warming and more. You basically need to guarantee you buy contraptions that work with your phone – or buy a phone that works with any existing gadgets.


It’s hard to acknowledge what to call this portion, so we called it flexibility. It’s about what you might have the capacity to: the obstructions of each contraption.

With Android you can flip a decision to present software from darkening sources (so you can present the Amazon Underground application, for example), however, on an iPhone, you’re obliged to what’s open in the App Store in your country. (Genuinely, you would escape having the capacity to your iPhone to get around this, yet it’s not a marvellous idea for a couple of reasons we won’t go into here.)

Associate an Android phone to a PC, and it acts like a hard drive. You can view, copy and delete records essentially like you would on a USB streak drive. That makes it amazingly easy to trade accounts, music and documents from any PC.

Not so with an iPhone. Interface it to a PC and it’s as if you’ve related a propelled camera. You can copy off photos and accounts, yet that is it. Whatever is left of the report structure is walled off and you can simply incorporate accounts, music and distinctive records using iTunes or other specialist software.

The disadvantage of Android’s flexibility is that phone producers (checking Samsung and Huawei) change the look and feel of Android to the point where it has a yearning for taking in another working system when you get their phones.

A couple of makers, including Motorola, Google’s own specific phones and – to some degree HTC – have ‘standard’ Android, which various people slant toward.

Buy an iPhone and you’re not compelled to just Google or just Apple administrations. Each Google advantage (other than the Google Play store clearly) is open on an iPhone and not in any manner like already, there aren’t by and large any disadvantages of using Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps or YouTube on an iPhone. They’re better consolidated on an Android phone, and the principle honest to goodness restriction on an iPhone is that – dissimilar to on Android – you can’t pick which application is the default for email, plan, web scrutinizing and so on.

This suggests you will reliably be shot to Safari when you tap a web interface in the email application, and not Google Chrome or Opera.

Then again, not a lot of Apple administrations are open on Android phones. You can’t use iMessage or FaceTime. Nor would you have the capacity to share photos or your zone by methods for iCloud. Be that as it may, there is a considerable measure of cross-organize apps you can acquaint with doing each one of these things among iPhones and Android phones, including Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Glympse, Google Photos, Facebook and more.

Security and Privacy

Apple is remarkable for its position of privacy and – in short – while there’s a couple of data gathering continuing (generally for reasons of solace) – it wouldn’t surrender your data when the FBI comes calling.

Google, on the other hand, is generally after your data to benefit. So if you regard privacy, the iPhone is likely the better decision.

The recognizable FBI vs Apple case also highlighted that iPhones are extremely darned secure. Data is encoded and can’t be gotten to without the secret key. And with a part of the movements exhibited since iOS 8, tricks will likely think about taking an iPhone which is unusable without that same watchword.

Android phones can likewise be secure. As of version 6.0 Marshmallow, full-disk encryption was made mandatory.

Android is likewise frailer against malware. Not solely does Android have an extensively greater bit of the pie than iOS (around 80 percent versus iOS’s 20-odd percent) which makes it all the more appealing to cybercriminals, however, it’s essentially easier to get that malware onto an Android phone since it isn’t secured like an iPhone.

In any case, while Android malware and diseases do exist you can secure an Android phone by simply presenting apps from the Google Play store and by running an antivirus application.

Final Words

You may have brought about these current conditions article especially to answer this request, yet the dreadful news is that there’s no straightforward answer. The best depends on your necessities and requirements.

If you require a phone which costs under £379, you should pick Android (or buy a second-hand iPhone).

In case you require a Google Wear to watch, you’ll have the best inclusion of an Android phone. Likewise, on the off chance that you’re in truth disapproved or get a kick out of the opportunity to change your phone, you will slant toward Android as it’s a considerable amount more versatile than an iPhone.

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