15 Best Video Players For Windows

For those who are truly passionate about watching movies, a powerful video player is rather a must-have companion regardless their preferred genre of movies! And, of course, if you ask movie freaks, each of them will have a different preference — which actually puts you in confusion when it comes to choosing a good video player for a Windows PC. We take it for granted that the default Windows Media Player is not enough for you, and you need a better option.A lot of people may think of it as a comparison guide, but it is not. The purpose of this article is just to make sure that the best video players for windows are talked about in detail with their features highlighted. We have a collection of 15 Best Video Players For Windows.

If you are also in such confusion, you are at the right place, because we’ve made a list of top 10 video players you can choose for your Windows PC. So, shall we start our list of those 10 best media players for Windows? It is to be noted that we have considered several factors of each video player such as usability, distinctive features, etc while creating this list and we hope it helps the movie-freak in you. Watching movies is an activity most of the love and enjoy; while some of us watch movies for recreational purposes, many people who do it for the passion they have for cinema.

This list will help the readers make the right decision when choosing the best video players; they want to watch the movies on. Each video player has a distinct set of features, making them somewhat different than each other. We have a collection of 20 Best Video Players For Windows.

VLC Media Player

We figured we would — and we should — start this once-over with a free, open-source software for watching films, distinctive sorts of videos etc, on your Windows PCs that may change similar to system course of action. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination one basic player elective, but instead fundamentally more, especially when we consider its spilling features and diverse strategies for media input. VLC Media Player reinforces for all intents and purposes each video and sound format you go over and it is advancing a broad assortment of subtitle format support likewise — if you are energetic about subtitles too.

VLC Media Player has a really enhanced User Interface that excludes any advancements, spyware or whatever else that intrudes into customer security. Likewise, once you have presented VLC, there is no weight of presenting extra codec records — surely understood ones go with it! In like manner, if its basic skin is depleting, you can install extra skins, by downloading them quickly from the official site of VLC Player and the social affair is being invigorated every day.



Here comes KMPlayer, my own choice concerning watching films! Despite when other video players wind up discernibly dumbstruck if the yield is of a non-typical format, KMPlayer would have the ability to play that record, effectively and there are awesome features also. Some of those features of KMPlayer include the proximity of inside codec archives that make playback less requesting than you beside, gave the PC may have by and large cutdown plan.

Instead of just playing records, you have a contrasting option to set up libraries with respect to videos and music; therefore, you can get an astounding media experience. So additionally, there is a contrasting option to play DVDs well, with each one of the features you could expect in a common DVD player. One of the exchange features that we worship KMPlayer for, is the ability to adjust the playback screen with respect to our screen, settlement of usage and there’s an in-collected subtitle supervisor also.


GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player starts from GOM Lab, and it is genuinely remarkable, free software you can have when you’d love to play for all intents and purposes each medium record. It supports a broad assortment of video formats including MKV, FLV, et cetera close by standard media formats. In like manner, GOM Media Player has different pushed features concerning playback of records, for instance, the playback speed control, video impacts, sound catch, A-B go over screen et cetera. Therefore, basically, GOM Media Player is an imperative programming.

Examining UI and Customization, GOM Media Player offers impelled level customization that sponsorships particular skins! You can download skins from official GOM Player site page and impact GOM Player to look like as you wish. In like manner, there is a codec pioneer that causes you find satisfactory codecs online when there’s an uncommon report or if GOM Player does not have that codec. Despite all these, GOM Media Player will work fine with PC that runs Windows XP S2 or later.



MPC-HC, extremely the acronym of Media Player Classic — Home Cinema, is yet another free software when you slant toward a lightweight desktop programming to play different sorts of video archives. With no sorts of intruding toolbars or advancing stuff included, MPC-HC offers a spotless playback experience. It must be seen that regardless the lightweight nature, MPC-HC can play for all intents and purposes each mind-boggling record that you will have in your Windows PC.

Additional features of Media Player Classic consolidate key requests and parts more. While facilitated codec support allows you to play video records regardless how remarkable their video formats are, the openness of the 64-bit adjustment will be valuable when you need stabilizing and serious version. Talking about customization, MPC-HC can allow you to present toolbars and skins as demonstrated by your tastes and slants! Moreover, MPC-HC has a smaller form that extends its benefit to another level. If we are to consider all these, MPC-HC is a fantastic video player for Windows.



Potplayer is yet another free video player for your Windows PC, and it has reinforced for devices that are running XP or later and goes up to Windows 8.1, which is something worth being appreciative for we trust. It doesn’t have any kind of effect in case you have got a course of action of gear that is adequately low; Potplayer will utilize the Hardware Acceleration feature to guarantee that you’re prepared to get the best media experience from your desktop. There are more features with respect to playback as well.

For instance, not in the least like the aforementioned video player programming, Potplayer supports different sorts of 3D Glasses and 3D-masterminded features of Potplayer are just extraordinary from the customer’s point of view. Moreover, there is a contrasting option to get 3D yield as indicated by what your need might be. Likewise, Potplayer offers to reinforce for essentially every codec you would require in the whole journey of film review and it supports different sorts of subtitle records too. Screen see feature, the ability to pick between sound cards, scene bookmarking et cetera are critical too.


DivX Player

When you would favour not to deal High-Quality film watching foundation, including Ultra HD Videos and HEVC Playback, it is a better than an average choice to keep running with DivX Player! DivX Player is truly inferred for HQ Video playback and cross-device spilling of your media records. Do whatever it takes not to get perplexed about the name, DivX Player reinforce understood video formats, for instance, AVI, MKV and MP4 close by DIVX. The in-built Media Server incorporate into the store of DivX Player allows you to stream media to various devices in case they have DLNA support.

If we consider the case of playback, DivX Player has a huge amount of features, for instance, FF/RW that urges you get to areas in each video, better relationship through playlists, moved sound playback, an in-developed Recently Watched playlist for guaranteeing that you can start from the most recent significant purpose of intrigue. At the point when all is said in done, DivX Player is a mind-blowing course of action, for beyond any doubt.



RealPlayer is a freemium video player game plan that is available for Windows PC. Rather than simply allowing you to watch films, there are enhanced other options to share those videos through the cloud. Then, you would have the ability to get to those files from the contraption you require, at whatever point. In spite of the way that the free form offers standard features, it seems, by all accounts, to be okay for us to get the remarkable form by consuming $4.99 consistently, given that you get a storage space of 365 GB. Along these lines, if you have extraordinary web relationship in each one of the devices, RealPlayer is defended paying little mind to an endeavour.

There are additional features as well, for instance, the decision to share your movies into widescreen, for instance, HD TVs and you essentially require the application presented on your device. There is furthermore a contrasting option to make bookmarks and secure them, with the objective that you won’t miss a touch of your most adored stuff. All things considered, however, the first-rate programming, RealPlayer looks good.



UMPlayer — short form for Universal Media Player — is an esteem checking programming in the occasion that you’d get a kick out of the opportunity to watch films. It’s a free and open source game plan, and it will remain so forever; plus, you can trust the vitality of open source when you require a predictable movie watching foundation on your Windows PC. To make the stuff easier, UMPlayer has in-created codec reinforce and that allows you to play reports.

Moreover, there are contrasting options to pick media source from a wide variety of choices, including YouTube and other spouting organizations. When we consider all these, UMPlayer is a certain necessity have programming for the fiery film split in you, especially if you slant toward a free media player with profitable features that look good finished the whole deal. Furthermore, there are skins too — in case if you’d get a kick out of the opportunity to endeavour new looks.



Plex is another new-age strategy for watching movies from your desktop and add a broad assortment of devices. It offers online space to store your favourite video records for later access. Despite when Plex will go about as a standard video player in your Windows PC, it has different sublime features covered, which you may use as shown by what you have to do.

Along these lines, in case you require a media player that CAN be connected to a media server, given that you are set up to pay, you may keep running with Plex. We think the item looks good, from the customer’s point of view. Along these lines, it’s a tolerable choice, we bet and you can keep running with it, the point of fact.



We go to the last part in the once-over of best video players for Windows — hold up, it’s not a smallest used one, by the way — and SMPlayer is advocated paying little respect to the position. It is so because of the availability of features and effortlessness of UI that has been kept all through the interface. Close by standard features, for instance, worked in codecs, SMPlayer offers an awesome arrangement, for instance, the YouTube support that allows you to play videos instantly from YouTube, gatherings of skins to investigate, mix to get the most legitimate subtitle etcetera.
Besides, SMPlayer uses MPlayer as the media playback engine and MPlayer is adequately profitable to get the best out of your media equipment and it is totally free.



Kodi is a media player that can stream over your neighbourhood mastermind, with developments for popular organizations like Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube. XBMC gives you access to colossal measures of TV appears, films, and other media, and it furthermore empowers you to play DVDs, all through one characteristic interface. When you have the program set up, you can just kick back and flip through the distinctive zones to find your favoured incitement. To re-try this program to suit your necessities, you’ll have to pick the extra things you require.

This methodology is streamlined by the way the application parts differing decisions up to orders that consolidate Music, Video, and Pictures. Each of these groupings contains immense measures of decisions for getting the opportunity to free substance of different sorts. Despite the regular media decisions, this application moreover contains some fun extra things. These consolidate things like a Movie Quiz program, Lazy TV, and Last Episode, which all serve to enhance your survey contribution and incorporate significance.


CyberLink PowerDVD- Best Video Players For Windows

CyberLink PowerDVD can process standard DVDs and Blu-pillar, and also support mechanized video arrangements. This new shape, variation 15, in like manner supports online video from providers like YouTube and Vimeo, or you can exchange your own particular on CyberLink Cloud. The suite, yet costly, ofhome-theatre theatre experience for the people who eat up a lot of media in a rush.Auto-tune your sound: TrueTheater Sound applies sharp changes to give your sound a lift. The updates bring a more significant bass level, immersive including sound, better vocals, and delighting incorporate sound effects. The streamlining is more perceivable on sound headsets, however, can upgrade sound quality on standard speakers, also.

The Swiss Army Knife player: PowerDVD 15 can process a ton of video, sound, and picture positions. Using your hardware memory, the player produces the 4k video without the stammer. PowerDVD also empowers you to see high edge rate accounts, like those made by the new iPhone 6 or GoPro without Apple iMovie. We esteem the prompt NAS playback and DLNA reinforce. Watch longer using less power: PowerDVD performs respectably without misusing structure resources. Better power use infers longer battery life for your devices.


Free AVI Player

Best Video Players For Windows

This item is an AVI player for the AVI media reports. The people who use AVI video reports as regularly as conceivable may get a kick out of the opportunity to join this kind of programming so they can play the records with a higher quality. In view of the specialization of this AVI video player, it is less difficult to get first class video quality. You will in like manner have the ability to get the item presented on your PC easily and just. More altogether, you will have the ability to start using it to play records inside a few minutes. The foundation method is staggeringly easy to start. Essentially acquaint the item with your PC and take the instructional exercise that will oversee you through the fundamental technique.

Using the item is also incomprehensibly straightforward once it is on your PC. Examine the benefit AVI media record that you are trying to watch and after that, you can apply it to the video player remembering the ultimate objective to start. Using this item will give you a prevalent quality picture that can’t be had with most other media players. Free AVI video player is especially expected to manage AVI media records, which redesigns the development of these reports. Because of the specialization, it is definitely not hard to get the most dumbfounding AVI quality chronicles. With Free AVI player, it is definitely not hard to start, present it on your PC and even use it for yourself. AVI video players will enhance the idea of your record and give you an incredibly enhanced issue.



Foobar is an advantageous and adaptable media player that you can stack with the greater part of your most loved music and alter to suit your particular needs and inclinations. After a touch of setup, you can utilize this application in pretty much any way you want to deal with your media library. This application stacks rapidly and plays your media easily. It additionally can deal with a substantial library effortlessly, so regardless of how much music you as of now have, you can keep everything here without stress. There are numerous choices for customization accessible through this application. You can pick the Quick Setup choice, or you can experience the way toward making singular determinations about the sort of data you’d get a kick out of the chance to see a show. There are additionally different skins accessible through independent downloads.


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