22 Best Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets

The following is a complete rundown of the best free flat web-based social networking icons sets for individual and business use in outline mockups, sites and somewhere else that will help you in gathering the best accessible flat icons sets that run next to each other with flat plan standards. We have collection of creative free flat social media icons sets.

Moreover, you may investigate flat plan WordPress themes and flat logo outline illustrations. Since long shadow is a thing of this outline slant you might need to investigate this gathering too.

In the event that you are searching for WordPress theme that will mix well with underneath recorded online networking icons, you might need to check this theme gathering on which we have highlighted free and completely responsive WordPress themes for different site sorts. In the event that this is not what you are after then don’t hesitate to peruse further to discover icons for your site or configuration extend.

Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons

Long Shadow new level social media icons that can be used for individual or business wander. Social media icons have on a very basic level transformed into a basic and essential component of a webpage or blog.

The whole appearance of a site is gone through a lot with the amazingly made icons. By and by giving a characteristic air to your blog isn’t an extreme endeavour. Essentially pick the fittest social media icons that don’t get cloudy or embedded beyond anyone’s ability to see of your blog/webpage yet enhance the grandness and add soul to it with their occasion and claim. Look down and get the impression.


Social Media Vector Icons

Profitable for site masters, visual originators, eCommerce site design formats, online diaries, android applications or any kind of individual or business wander. Exactly when site design is basic you can diagram and manufacture locales with our free web resources. For show day looking locales, this is remarkable among other social media image packs.

Spotless, dazzling, clear and 100% free! These icons are made for site engineering and are available in .svg and .png report association to make them easy to use on site organization and arrangements.



Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets

This flat design icon set is totally free to use and incorporates almost all social media icons. Perfect to add on your website, easy to tweak and work with.  This icon depends on a straightforward and steady plan. Fill and Outline Each arrangement of this icon contains a fill and diagram adaptation. It also contains diverse outline varieties. It is painstakingly outlined on a 24-pixel matrix. Lightweight

This icon is scaled down and best enhanced for web utilize. It is accessible in SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG organize.  Made by Alexander Kahlkopf, a senior fashioner from Germany with more than 15 years of expert involvement in UI and icon plan. The iconmonstr logo may just be utilized to advance iconmonstr administrations.



This is another free set of flat social media icons with colorful symbols consisting all the social media marks. A little yet flexible set with  insignificant blueprint social icons. Incredible for sites, presentation pages, visual communication and prints.

The file contains a JPG review, PSD and Adobe Illustrator documents along these lines you can utilize these icons in any capacity you need. These social icons were first distributed on Dribbble and they increased enormous ubiquity and now you have a selective opportunity to get them for nothing.


Flat Social Icons

This flat design icon set for social network comprises thirty-two symbols in EPS to be utilized as a part of Adobe Illustrator. This is the correct set in the event that you are investigating further tweaking and streamlining. It is behind many pattern setting plan cases.

This icon set highlights interpersonal organization icons in PSD and PSD arrange for everybody to pick. This icon set is free however you should download them yet it is justified, despite all the trouble.



These awesome icons set components just 12 symbols it has one of a kind arrangement of symbols that we haven’t seen on different bundles. This set is accessible in PSD which is most appropriate for Adobe Photoshop. It is a developing accumulation of finely tuned distributing and stage icons.

These icons are the totally open source and you can fork them. These icons are made for website architecture and are accessible to make them simple to use on sites and email layouts. Obviously, that design makes them responsive if utilized effectively.


iOS Style Icons

These wonderful icons for social media are enlivened by iOS style outline and incorporate twenty-four amazing and perfectly made social icons. These level social icons are accessible in EPS document arrange that can be utilized as a part of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and somewhere else.

These are very much made icons and are vectorized. This is my most loved set on this rundown on account of its perfect and insignificant plan and EPS design.


Flat Icons by BesPSDFreebies

This is another wonderful flat icons set for social media that is made accessible for nothing. This free set incorporates 10 social system icons and they are 64 x 64 px in size. It is a perfect, present day and level icon set outlined by Abdulrahim Bajaber.

These icons are diverse in light of ligh impact utilized for those. These icons can be utilized as a part of any size up to 512px x 512px. This set incorporates 25 icons for interpersonal organizations, 10 for site components and 5 all inclusive icons.


CSS3 Responsive Flat Icons

This is another astonishing symbols pack that is changed over in web text style. This set is capable to be additionally styled by means of CSS3.

These amazing icons have never been less demanding on the off chance that you are into web improvement. For those hoping to utilize them in Photoshop, this is not the perfect alternatives, contains 40 icon sets from informal organizations and well known administrations. These icons are outlined utilizing long shadow. For all the more long shadow cases you may check this article.


Circle Flat Icons

These are rounded but flat in shape. Circle flat icons come in four sizes and are accessible in PNG. The set incorporates twenty-four icons that are goof for both personal and business use. This is yet another informal organization PSD icon set which is composed utilizing long shadow.

These icons can prove to be useful on the off chance that you are hoping to investigate long shadow and how it can be utilized for icons and other plan components. This set incorporates 16 icons from well known informal organizations.


Flat Polygon Icons

Polygon is a simple, moderate icon set for social media with fifteen icons altogether. These are one of the best looking icons on this rundown and they cover the most famous ones which are all that anyone could need most of the time. is a clean, moderate web-based social networking icon set with 15 icons altogether. This is second hex icon set on this rundown.

These are one of the moderate looking icons on this rundown and I cherish them. While is comprise just of 15 icons they cover the most mainstream ones which is all that anyone could need much of the time.


Hex Icon Pack

Hex icons set is the largest and one of the most beautiful sets of icons that incorporate numerous social media websites and applications. They are not that prominent nowadays but rather these icons has the ability to bring them back to finish everything.

This set comprises of many icons for web-based social networking destinations, administrations, applications and significantly more. The will be the biggest and the most flexible set on this rundown. While this icon set highlights just 12 icons it has one of a kind arrangement of icons that we haven’t seen on different bundles, for example, Dribbble, Vine, Flipboard and other. This set is accessible in PSD which is most appropriate for Adobe Photoshop.


Creative Social Media Icons

This set constitutes 40 different beautifully designed icons in 3 varying forms. Ther are catchy and delighting to grab the attention of the visitors. It has a one of a kind arrangement of icons that we haven’t seen on different bundles, for example, Dribbble, Vine, Flipboard and other.

This set is accessible in PSD which is most appropriate for Adobe Photoshop. This icon set accompanies informal communities which mean 2 varieties for each. One variety contains bright icons and the second one is dark and one set. This huge icon set covers the whole icon range.


Simple Line  Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets

Simple line icons often known as font icons are the fittest choice to add on your websites because of their fine and professional look. This is yet another level plan informal organization icon set that comprises in EPS design advanced to be utilized as a part of Adobe Illustrator.

This is the correct set on the off chance that you are investigating further tweaking and optimization. These icons comes in 4 distinct sizes and are accessible in PNG. They are accessible for inisidual and business utilize.


Flat Icons for Sketchers and Illustrators

These flat design icons are absolutely free and incorporate 50 different social media button for your website that you can need. The icons come in dull and light shading plan to coordinate your site.

All icons are in png arrange for quick incorporation into your web journals, business sites. In the event that you favour the advanced Google material outline then this free icon set is your response for social sharing icons. This set has different well known informal community locales.


Flat Icons – Freebies

This perfectly astounding collection of icons incorporates all the necessary social media buttons for your website. Plus, there are six varying design and format for each icon to broadens your choice.

Having a float selector for informal community icons is fundamental and this outline isn’t found in any current complimentary gifts. To decrease your workload we have planned two phases of icons: ordinary, float which will be valuable for your undertakings. Offer this complimentary gift and let others know also.


Outline Social Icons

This is undoubtedly the most epic collection of icons for social media that is a perfect choice for almost all type of websites, blogs and web pages.

A gathering of 35 icons for nine noteworthy informal organizations you may use for any reason. This complimentary gift is planned by Christophe Kerebel and made allowed to download. These little icons will look awesome on your route menu and in your footer segments.


Flat Social Icons

This icon set includes 35 different icons for social media completely free of cost. If you want your website to be enriched with a trendy set of icons then they will serve you a perfect choice. When you are choosing online networking icons it is crucial that you select the correct shading, plan, measure and the visual design of the icon.

In spite of the fact that the web is overflowed with a large number of various icons the level icons have an alternate appeal about them; they are straightforward yet exquisite to take a gander at. In spite of them being free their quality is calculable. You can coordinate them into your WordPress blog, site or portfolio.



Perfectly designed and rapidly growing – Publicons is a choice of modern age. Plus, they are open source icons and you can easily customize them on your own on GitHub. The icon sets are concentrated to offer the most astounding conceivable quality. They have been planning and offering premium icons from that point forward.

Every one of the icons made by them are precisely high quality, uncommon and discernable; made for all clients whether it is an engineer or a visual creator. Picons icons are straightforward and simple to review. Regardless of whether it is a desktop application, disconnected media or a versatile application their icons appear to enhance your plan.


Flat Icons EPS

These are clean and simply designed icons accessible in EPS format.  They serve as a decent choice for your websites and web pages. Icons by Elena are truly cool. They are of the ideal shape and completely free for you to download.

The set has stage different icons other than the normal Whatsapp, Facebook courier icons there are icons for Slack, Viber and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. She additionally offers icons for administrations like Deviantart, Foursquare Google + and so on.



Gleek is a modern age choice of young developers and bloggers. They are clean and stylish and incorporate 25 different buttons for social media.

Everybody adores the great old square formed icons. They look smooth and not too bad, and are completely free for download; you don’t have to advance the designers act too. You can utilize them for business purposes or individual utilize. Each icon is deliberately handmade and is accessible like a substantial offer catch with 32 and 16 pixels.


Long Shadowy Icons

These icons are outlined with long shadowy touch and consist of 40 different icons incorporating social media sites and other popular applications. In the event that you are searching for something truly unobtrusive you will love the outlines from Alexis. Every one of the icons made are pixel consummate and has given a crisp look to every one of his manifestations.

The spotless level shading configuration influences these icons to look great on any business sites and web journals. This advanced designer has basically changed the way social icons look and offers the best of his plans which will influence your site to look tasteful.


PSD Flat Icons

This is the most popular set of icons that is downloaded over 30K times. They constitute 17 different icons for social media and serves as a valuable choice for your website. Hand drawn icons have been made by GoodStuff, and once you see them you will comprehend that they have truly influenced some well done for you to use to and is totally free for download and utilize.

The set contains PDF, EPS, and SVG vector groups. Furthermore, every icon has been spared as straightforward PNG in two sizes 128×128 pixels and 64×64 pixels. You can utilize them either for work or individual utilize.


Flat Social Icons

These are 20 different social media icons, however, they are free of cost but you may also purchase the complete package in 6$. These basic line icons made to look like textual styles and will be look ideal for sites where you require animatedly scaled icons which give a spotless and a sharp look with definitely no pixelation.

Lovely things are not generally required to be confused; now and then a basic touch draws out the legitimacy of things. These icons can be expressed as “straightforwardness taking care of business”.


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