20 Best Free Narrow Fonts

In spite of prevalent thinking, consolidated and narrow fonts don’t make your content confined or swarmed. You simply need to know the proper time and place to utilize the textual style. Dense fonts are generally utilized nowadays for features and depicting strong messages, and when sent in the ideal place, they can give dazzling effect. It takes a ton of testing and testing to locate the ideal textual style for an outline. We have 20 best free narrow fonts for you.

The letters of a dense text style have narrow widths, contrasted with comparable typefaces in a similar family. It’s additionally about the relative tallness and width of a textual style. On the off chance that it’s considerably taller than it is wide, at that point it’s probably going to fall into the section of a “consolidated” typeface. They’re not reasonable to utilize all over the place (and they can be especially hard to peruse in case you’re utilizing them for body duplicate, or expansive passages of content). In any case, utilized for features, quotes, logos, and spots where you need your content to emerge, narrow fonts can be an awesome decision.

Up until now, we have distributed various text style list posts. Be that as it may, we never distributed one of the thin fonts. That was odd given the gigantic fame of thin fonts among the fashioners. Be that as it may, we have at long last arranged a rundown of wonderful and free thin fonts for you. These fonts are present day, exquisite and professionally composed. I am certain when you have completed the process of experiencing the rundown, you ought to have added a few new fonts to your most loved fonts list. Here are a few cases of, as we would like to think, the best consolidated and narrow fonts to kick you off!

Cheddar Gothic Font Family

Free Narrow Fonts

This delightful and hand-drawn consolidated text style family incorporates 8 extraordinary typefaces, including Sans, Serif, Slab, Stencil, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Every textual style in this family accompanies 92 coordinating maxim and symbol glyphs, which makes this the ideal text style for outlining logos and signage.


Blocklyn Font Family

Blocklyn is an awesome textual style for demonstrating your titles and statements of purpose in the huge striking content. The textual style family includes 4 typefaces Condensed, Condensed Italic, Grunge, and Grunge Italic. It additionally accompanies PSD mockup layouts too.


Maxwell Sans Small Caps Bold

Enlivened by retro fonts from the 1950’s, the Maxwell Sans text style highlights two typefaces: Regular and little tops. The spotless and negligible plan of this textual style influences it to best for both feature and body content.


Forest Line Font Condensed

This consolidated web textual style accompanies an innovative touch and remarkable outline. The text style is accessible in three renditions: light, customary, and strong. It appears to be perfect for site headers, titles, and even logo plans.


BiteChalk Typeface


BiteChalk textual style will influence your content to look as though they were drawn on a writing board. This text style comes in 4 typefaces, including standard, intense, ordinary, and thin. It’s a one of a kind textual style you can use for outlining eatery menu sheets, signage, blurbs, T-Shirt plans, and significantly more.


Carnot All-Caps Font


This all-tops abnormal sort text style includes a negligible and an exquisite outline for making your logotypes, magazine, and notice configuration look more expert than any other time in recent memory. Carnot text style additionally bolsters more than 20 distinct dialects.


Essenziale – Font Family

Essenziale is a moderate and an ultra-dense textual style family that comes in 8 renditions, including Bold, Slab, Slab Bold weights, and then some. Every textual style in this family includes one of a kind character, making an aggregate of 412 glyphs in the text style family.



This is an expert dense serif typeface that’ll make your content looks like something you more often than not observe on current magazines and corporate sites. The Global textual style is ideal for your formal and business plans.




At first sight, you can see this textual style being utilized for a logo, signage, or a header plan. The striking retro plan of the text style influences it to ideal for such outlines. The textual style comes in both capitalized and lowercase forms.



Mangano highlights both a wipe and unpleasant worn off outline with a blended present day/vintage look. It comes in capitalized and lowercase renditions for making signage, logos, T-Shirt plans, and the sky is the limit from there.


Berry Typeface

This marginally adjusted multilingual sans-serif typeface underpins Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, French, and various different dialects. The cutting-edge look of this typeface makes it perfect for a plan work.




Gatsunaga is a consolidated brush text style that highlights an outline enlivened by a samurai sword strikes. Consequently the sharp edges and an exact stream of the text style plan. It looks ideal for book spreads and film blurbs.




Nedo is a show text style that highlights both ordinary and consolidated adaptations. The retro look of this typeface settles on it the best decision for neon signs, T-Shirt outlines, and logo designs. is an unpleasant textual style that’ll come pleasantly with your excitement and fun loving plans. This consolidated and vintage-style textual style.




The fashioner of this text style has put a genuine idea into creating each letter in this Neo-Grotesque sans typeface inaccuracy. The textual style comes in both ordinary and consolidated renditions.


Timber Typeface


This text style looks awesome for making online networking substance and site headers. The Timber typeface includes an old vintage look alongside grunge components.


Amorie SC Font Family


Amorie is a hand-drawn text style that arrives in various weight, styles, and glyphs. This textual style will help add a little human touch to your computerized realistic plans.


Wilder-Free Narrow Fonts

This is yet another manually written dense sans serif textual style that incorporates 300+ glyphs and comes in .otf, .ttf, and web textual style forms. It’ll look extraordinary with your header and publication plans.


Muller Narrow Font Family


Bw Helder font family includes an exquisite present-day configuration, as well as accompanies a gigantic gathering of 20 unique weights. The textual style has been intended to be utilized as both a header and body content text style. Web text style groups are additionally incorporated into this textual style family.


Hipstetic Font Family

Hipstetic is a text style family that highlights a blended plan of trendy person and vintage looks. It comes in 4 diverse text style variations and 100 glyphs. Ideal for book covers, site headers, signage, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Aracne Condensed


Aracne is a manually written textual style that highlights marginally scribbled letterforms with a characteristic look. It additionally comes in customary, dense and ultra consolidated styles to fit in with various sorts of configuration work.


Catalina Anacapa


This hand-drawn text style pack comes in 5 textual style families and with 2 realistic trimming fonts, each with its own particular distinctive styles and weights. This textual style pack has all that you require for making eatery menus, cites, signage, logos, headers, and substantially more.


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