Interior Design Gets to a New Level with Live Home 3D Version 4

There are two standard options when it comes to house design and renovation challenges. Customers can either apply to third parties or gain more control over the project maintenance and realization thanks to dedicated home design software. Regardless of which method is more preferable, the use of additional tools won’t be extra. Several experts are convinced that a room planner will help you involve any interested individuals/services and develop ideas as accurately and precisely as possible.

One of the brilliant considerations for your architecture plans is Live Home 3D. With the help of its advanced functionality, the process is flawless. Whether you are going to proceed on your own or invite some professionals for more qualitative results, it will maintain solid communication connections and will help improve the plan whenever necessary.

Live Home 3D

Luckily, the developers of this app keep on implementing new technologies so that it remains a trendy and functional tool. Stay tuned to get more information about recently added options in the list of Live Home 3D new features. Onwards!

Terrain Editing

It is highly important to think about the furniture that should be included in your living space, but it is quite unreasonable to forget about your house ecosystem in general. Live Home 3D offers customers a new level of versatility and flexibility. Just imagine how unique these tools are to allow enthusiasts to build a new house on hills, among mountains, in the forest areas, and on slapped surfaces.

With the app’s advanced tools you can add cutouts and other objects like pits and ponds to your project layout, and get the opportunity to level up your creativity and do something more than just recreating the identical landscape that is already present around your living place:

  • Rustic and natural landscape layouts are long-term survivors in the field trends. It is your perfect chance to ensure a seamless fit between the area’s original capabilities and designer modifications.
  • If you tend to prefer organized spaces, then it is a good idea to add more structural elements to your plan. Live Home 3D version 4 is developed to help customers whether they desire to build a pergola or renovate their arbors and gazebos.
  • Leading landscape designers don’t doubt the incredible efficiency and popularity of geometric and ornate designs. The features of terrain editing allow choosing the proper environment and adjusting its properties with the appliance of Elevation Spline, Line, and Point functions, controlling the slightest angle of any object’s location.

Physically-Based Materials

Sharing plans is a natural thing for amateur and professional designers. Since this stage includes proper budget calculations and picking up which elements/materials are the best, Live Home 3D considers this objective and offers a new way out. Thanks to advanced and modified tools for visualizing textiles, textures and surfaces, your creations get a more realistic look. This relates to either glass reflections under different light sources or metal outdoor and indoor furniture.

Live Home 3D Materials

Curtain Wall

Without a doubt, that is an absolute design trend in modern architecture plans. It is so beloved for its gorgeous benefits. Not only is this construction capable of slowing the spread of fire in the case of emergency due to its air-and-water control efficiency, but also lets it protect the inner environment against different exterior phenomena.

From this perspective, Live Home 3D steps forward to meet consumers’ objectives and present qualitative tools for their implementation in reality. As in the case with other functions, this ability is fully adjustable and customizable. Drag-and-drop features simplify the process and let you insert any desired elements from the library easily.

Wrap It Up

The latest version of Live Home 3D is developed to make your home even more beautiful and functional than previously. Moreover, it will help minimize efforts and funds by visualizing the project and helping choose the best variant in advance. Whether you plan to adjust some interior design elements or make a more profound plan for your yard territory, this application has something amazing to offer.

This version is compatible with different operating platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. So feel free to create on the go once you catch the inspiration muse.

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