20 Best Line Art Logos Examples

Have you at any point pondered what the significance of a logo is and how it influences individuals? A logo speaks to or symbolizes your organization or your item. It is a trademark. For example, at whatever point you see brilliant yellow curves that resemble the letter “M” you naturally consider McDonald’s. Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you see a check stamp, you’ll say it’s Nike. What’s more, that is the logo’s motivation. Planning a logo isn’t that simple. You truly require motivation and a great deal of inventiveness. We have a collection of 20 best line art logos for you.

To start with, I might want to tell about line art. Line art is a picture that comprises of straight and bent lines that are set against a foundation to speak to objects. Line arts is generally put on a plain foundation to better observe the picture. The picture underneath are two sorts of line art logos. The first is the open outline wherein logos of this kind don’t frame an encased shape. The second one is the persistent outline. Logos of this kind have lines that are nonstop and frame an encased shape. Sometime recently, architects just utilized highly contrasting for line art logos. Notwithstanding, you would now be able to likewise make logos utilizing distinctive hues.

In this article, I have exhibited the most imaginative line art logos for you to get enlivened. I likewise put a few remarks and recommendations on each to enable you to out on the off chance that you will do your own particular line art logo.


This Pilgrim logo is utilized for a travel office. I cherish how the fashioner of this logo innovatively utilized those bent lines to shape a traveller. Can be ideal for use by travel specialists.


Drink Dry Creek

Drink Dry Creek is an organization that produces world-class wines of refinement. The logo makes it simple for clients to figure out what the organization is.


Wire Bar

Laava made an exceptionally pleasant logo. I like it how the planner utilized lines to frame a wine glass and the violet foundation shading influenced the wine to glass emerge. Also, that violet here may speak to grapes.


Key Logic

This logo is intended for Key Logic. Two thumbs up for an awesome idea. It additionally fits in the tagline, Unlocks (key) and Empowers (light). It was just an imagined that came into my head one day as indicated by its designer.


Royal Trivole Gardens

This logo is a ranch house club named, a setting for conferences and golf competitions. The foundation shading influences the logo to look more exquisite.


Message! In a Bottle

This logo was utilized for the starting of private mark wines where in 50% of the benefit will go philanthropies and to indigenous individuals all through the region. The originator’s idea of having this as an open plan is to give the message of “ceaseless endeavours” to the general population.



This incredible logo is for Lovelë, a fun brand useful for any business that arrangements with watch over creatures (specifical elephants) love or dating, youngsters or beneficent associations. I perceive how pleasantly the lines are utilized here, how the planner utilized one line to frame two elephants with trunks that frame a heart shape. The elephant here symbolizes the eastern image of quality and national image in Thailand.


Music Junkie

As I would like to think, if the foundation was in a dull shading other than darker, possibly a white or dim blue one, it would look better. Regardless, the idea is splendid.


Get Wired

Get wired is an espresso and webshop joined with one store. This logo has an incredible idea and a decent selection of hues and text styles.



The logo is a religious service. I discover the logo great. The orange cross may speak to God and the line that framed a man speaks to the general population. It resembles the logo is stating we ought to rise with God’s service.


Property Innovation Council Logo

I discovered this property advancement chamber logo on the logo tournament site. It was the victor of the challenge. The idea was extremely suitable for the organization and the selection of shades of the architect truly looks extraordinary.


Love Clicks

This logo was made for Valentine’s Day, that is the reason the foundation is in shading Red. The stamp comprises of two PC mice that frame a heart shape with their wire. The Very pleasant idea for Valentine’s Day, isn’t that so?



An incredible idea. Perhaps it would be better if the best lines of the letter “y” were reduced to influence it to look clearer. It was only a thought that came to mind.


Lion Art

This lion art logo speaks to quality and intensity. I figure it would look better if a few bends were precluded particularly on the mouth part down to one side leg of the lion.



Swandart remains for swan and art. Exceptionally exquisite and clean looking. This can be utilized for dress, form or even arts industries.  Vector line plan layout components for your application or corporate character.


Sodus Point Lighthouse Logo

The creator composes that Here are 3 comps of logos I am taking a shot at. The typeface is my custom sort “Caramanna”, I figure I will call it Caramanna thin or 300… I extremely like how I did the basic style of structures in my city (Check the bounce back.) In the place where I grew up (Sodus), we have two beacons. SO I outline a logo mirroring the two: First Comp is the Lighthouse on the wharf and the other 2 are the old beacon Front and Back view.


Indigobird logo

Artist composes that Trying to play around a bluebird not ‘twitterish’ for a nearby design office in Brazil. Obviously, my point on it is to rearrange to an ever increasing extent, however, let me realize what you figure, criticism would be extremely valued.


Penny Lane

Artist says that I got a Weimaraner pup pretty much seven days prior. There’s 19 champion chasing and show puppies in her line. This is one of the conceivable pooch labels making for her. Meet, Penny Lane!


Camping trip-Line Art Logos

Line Art Logos

Artist composes this was the arbitrary thought that rung a bell when he returned from an outdoors trip. Maybe it was excessively tall? Outdoors trip logo that was thrown away and utilized for angle snare. Check this inventive logo here.


The Sweetest Days Photography

This logo is a photography business named, The Sweetest Days. The plan is so ladylike, basic yet elegant. Used already as ‘Silverbox picture takers’ however, this was an idea which was never utilized so I sold it on to another picture taker who extremely cherished the check. Check ought to be up on thesweetestdays.com once she has the full rebrand.


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