User-Friendly Adobe Alternative for Mac: Swift Publisher Review

My approach is to search for publishing software for Mac that would simplify routine processes and offer a wide range of services to diversify my team’s portfolio. From this perspective, Swift Publisher is definitely worth recommending. It combines functions that are rare to be seen in an intuitive and simple-to-navigate tool for creating advanced layouts. Is this program ready to surprise its users? As for me, the answer is straightforward, and here are some of the reasons why.

Best For

Taking into account its vast functionality, this desktop publishing software for Mac is an all-in-one program that is perfect for different businesses, regardless of their size. It will assist in preparing custom projects and simplify ordinary layouts with the help of their advanced layout software Mac system. If you are worried that you lack experience in making envelopes, catalogs, or other complicated publishing materials, you will find a corresponding sample here. Moreover, the offered list of templates of over 500 units is second to none with its adjustability and customization capabilities.

Swift Publisher

The solution’s stability and efficiency are great. Some issues and crashes may take place, but they aren’t too annoying. Besides, the manufacturer keeps on improving their creation and fixes errors. The interface is present in six languages, so it is a nice option to integrate colleagues from all around the globe to work upon your mutual projects. Its size won’t make you delete all the files from your Mac. However, please note macOS 10.12 or later is required.

Features to Adore

The final layouts look completely gorgeous, and this is thanks to a well-structured menu of tools. Master Pages is my absolute favorite. With its help, I don’t have to waste time recreating design elements like page numbers or headers. With 100% control over repeating content, it is simpler to focus on other processes and not to get distracted by simple but continual tasks. The only modification I would suggest for this desktop publishing software for Mac is to add the ability of custom naming separate pages to quickly accessing them.

Another function that makes me convinced this is the best desktop publishing software for Mac is customizable text tools and styles. It is a piece of cake for any beginner to design projects like disc covers or business cards with properly oriented text. Besides, I can pick up the font and improve it in the way I want and require. 

The page layout software for Mac is reviewed positively for its integration with Art Text. The latter is an advanced program for typography and lettering. It doesn’t matter whether you need to create a flyer or a wedding invitation. This powerful combination asks to make a few clicks, and Bob’s your uncle — excellent artwork is created without significant efforts.

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is a DTP program for Mac that supports you after the main file is ready. That means you achieve enormous import and export options. A variety of formats to save and share files comes along with the ability to adjust the color palette of the document to avoid any non-printed areas. Don’t hesitate to add grids with the same purpose.

Wrap It Up

All in all, Swift Publisher is my favorite of today. There is still room for further improvement, but that is a good feature, I believe. The already made updates are noticeable, and it becomes more intuitive and pleasant to apply the offered tools. The purpose of my review is to help other enthusiasts to gain more confidence in the selection of technology. Even if Swift Publisher isn’t the perfect match for every need you face, it is definitely capable of solving the majority of tasks an average designer is challenged with.

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