Text Effects and Typography Graphics

When it comes to typography, the variety of possible text effects and styles have one and the same purpose — to make the visual content of the creator noticeable and thus promote further actions among the message recipients. As you can guess, common fonts like Helvetica, Lucinda Gramde, Arial and others are nice and have their charm, but they are boring if you need to attract attention. That’s where Art Text comes into play by offering text effects for all regular fonts to spice them up. The best thing about Art Text is that it serves both amateurs and professional designers, who seek new design solutions to diversify their typography graphics.

Art Text

However, it is also necessary to remember the desire to fulfill your projects with professional typography options may play a tricky game with you — too much isn’t good, too. What are the fields where the appliance of typography graphics will be most advantageous? Stay tuned to find it out!

Where You Can Use Text Effects

Creating and applying text effects to regular texts to create outstanding typography is the prime focus of Art Text software. The efficiency caused by visual effects of such typography designs offers a brilliant vibe to different printing, social media, and digital projects:

  • The very first area where text effects will be in urgent need is desktop publishing and marketing. Just imagine how boring brochures or flyers could be without any eye-catching headlines. However, you shouldn’t stop yourself on business important templates only. For example, advanced text styles allow preparing gorgeous wedding invitations without applying to third parties. So it is also a great way to save funds.
  • 3D titles are incredibly popular, and this trend can be seen literally everywhere nowadays. Such filters will also help enthusiasts boost up the quality of their animations, videos, and whole movies.
  • When it comes to defining your brand identity, it is a crucial task to make your public logo recognizable yet stylish. That is where advanced letters are champions.
  • If you are a photographer or interested in the retouching techniques for photo editing, lettering and typography shouldn’t be omitted either. One of the most popular appliance samples is text overlaying the dedicated beautiful photos.
  • Solutions like Art Text allow playing with text. Its ability to make letters look like familiar objects (coffee beans, bubble gums, Lego figures, etc.) is exactly what you need for blogging or diversifying the content of your social media networks.

Specialized Software for Lettering and Typography

Obviously, a hand-drawn approach won’t work in these cases — the need for a graphic design solution like Art Text is needed. Art Text is a design app that helps create text effects and typography graphics for any possible use, from print materials to social media posts and channel design. Over 400 fully-customizable text design templates supplied with Art Text are great for amateurs, while professional designers will find all necessary features and presets to create retro, neon, grunge, metal, watercolor and even 3D text effects from scratch.

Photoshop and Illustrator are known professional software in the market. However, the problem lies in the fact of their accessibility. It will take a lot of time, energy, and nerves to create a text effect. Since the interface is over complicated and the variety of features is enormous and covers a wide range of design tasks beyond text graphics. Art Text is the best alternative in the field of typography graphics.

Unlike other popular solutions, even a beginner in computer graphics will master Art Text. As a reward, customers get access to a rich collection of 400 ready-made text effects and styles that will assist in performing divergent projects — from brochure headings to video titles and social media captions. Don’t hesitate to check the Art Text official website for video tutorials and free trial download.

Wrap It Up

All in all, it isn’t a problem to find a proper use for lettering and typography benefits. The main challenge is to make your design appropriate for a particular scenario. Art Text offers a gorgeous style gallery of varied templates, so why not use it to keep your considerations simpler yet more efficient? Picking up St. Valentine filters for winter season occasions may work if you find solid connections and great feedback from your audience.

Think creative and keep on searching for innovative means to present your marketing materials!

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