20 Top WordPress Blogs You’ve Been Missing Out All This Time

When it comes to managing content effortlessly, the first thing that pops up in the minds of bloggers is WordPress. Easy-to-use, simple and affordable, WordPress is one of the leading CMS, Content Management Systems known today. Regardless of what kind of blogging it is used for, WordPress fulfills the criteria of every niche a business is focused at.

A lot of people may find this rather surprising, but more than half of the businesses in this world rely on digital marketing. As the name suggests, digital marketing is marketing done through online channels that helps in promoting a brand and its services. Content management is something that has helped digital marketing reach remarkable heights over the time. Blogging, article writing and etc. all this the most preferred thing digital marketers opt for. Done with precision, blogging requires a professional push at the back that can help it reach its readers, which can contribute in gaining new prospects for businesses.

There’s no doubt that WordPress is an eternal favorite of bloggers; using which they can very conveniently upload, manage and review the written content without much hassle. Nevertheless, with all the benefits, there is a slight drawback that many bloggers dread and that is the amount of time it takes them to reach to a point where they can gain WordPress-proficiency. Therefore, to stay well aware of how WordPress works, it’s always a good idea to treat that reading habit with a couple of WordPress blogs on a regular basis.


chrislema wordpress blog

To begin gaining expertise on using WordPress, opt for advice from the leader himself – Chris Lema. A number of companies have established themselves successfully with Lema’s advice. Therefore, getting information from Chris Lema’s blogs can really help its readers familiarize well with the platform.


Elegant Themes Blog

elegant themes blog

Elegant Themes blog is packed with a number of tips and tutorials, providing ease to WordPress bloggers for the last 9 years. Known as one of the oldest WordPress blogs, Elegant Themes blog can allow its readers to gain a professional approach, useful for understanding and using WordPress easily.


Matt Mullenweg

matt mullenweg image

Another helpful WordPress blog is created by Matt Mullenweg. His blogs usually consist of the latest WordPress trends found on the internet, mixed with his own opinions to help his readers understand better.


WP Tavern

wp tavern image

WordPress Tavern stands among the top WP blogs, read by hundreds and thousands of bloggers around the world. This blog is comprised of different topics that undergo an expansion each year by its creators.


WP Beginner

wp beginner image

Curated especially for beginners at blogging, WordPress Beginner is second to none. From basic tutorials to latest news, advice, helpful guidelines, tutorials and more, WP Beginner is the hub of solution for all the newbies at blogging.


MH Themes

mh themes image

Another WordPress blog that readers should really get their hands on is MH Themes. This blog gets updated twice in a month and provides all the necessary information needed for better blogging and hassle-free content management.


WP Squared

wp squared

Blog that gets updated weekly by its creators Sam Sinton and Kevin Mackay, WordPress Squared is one stop for tutorials, latest news, themes and plugins.


Yoast WordPress

yoast image

Yoast WP is literally like a treat for bloggers. This blog allows its readers to find out ways through which they can optimize and customize the ranking of their blog. Also, through Yoast bloggers can find out maintenance tips for their website to ensure that its up-to-date.


Matt Report

matt report image

Matt Report is another WordPress blog that helps businesses find ways through which they can earn money online. With tips, guidance and tutorials for brainstorming, creating and maintaining online businesses through WordPress, Matt Report is the ultimate key for online money-making savvies to fulfill their dream of becoming successful.


87 Studios

87 studios image

87 Studios is a WordPress blog that comprises of the new releases and competitions that WordPress bloggers need to keep themselves updated with. Not only this, 87 Studios also posts tips and guidelines in their regular tutorials, to help bloggers stay updated with the changing trends that WordPress follows.



wp mayor imageAnother useful WordPress blog for bloggers is WP Mayor.com, which also runs the same way as the ones aforementioned. WP Mayor.com is updated frequently and contains all the information regarding WordPress themes, plugins, service reviews and what not.


WP Kube

wp kube image

Good thing about this blog, it was launched in 2010 as a startup by a young marketer, Devesh Sharma when he was only 15. Devesh is still running WP Kube, where he continues to share latest news and trends of WordPress, along with regular updates in tutorials and product reviews.



andrew norcross image

Another useful WordPress blog that businesses and bloggers can use is the one by Andrew Norcross – founder of Reaktiv Studios. In his blog, Andrew emphasizes on all the technicalities that a lot of people might’ve been craving for solution to, all this time. So all those reading this, head to his blog right now, there might be something new for you to know over there.


WP Superstars

wp superstars image

To gain all the information on latest plugin updates and themes, WordPress Superstars is comes next. With the help of this blog, bloggers can allow themselves to compare the web-hosting service they want to opt for and more.


Lorelle on WordPress

lorelle wp image

For those who have a thing for full-time blogging, blog run by Lorelle on WordPress is the one they can’t afford to miss out. With 1,900+ articles being published throughout the year, Lorelle’s WordPress blog holds every bit of juicy details, whether they base on technical codes, editorial columns or anything.


ManageWP Blog

manage wp image

Just as the name suggests, ManageWP blog is the one to opt for when information regarding management of content is required.


Pippin’s Plugins

Pippin's plugin image

Pippin’s Plugins is service that can be availed upon monthly payment. With the help of Pippin’s Plugins bloggers can come across some useful and high quality WordPress plugins. Other than this, Pippin’s can also be used as a remarkable platform to run digital business, effortlessly.


Mario Peshev

mario peshev image

Mario Peshev’s blog is nonetheless a goldmine for those who hold passion for entrepreneurship. In Mario’s WP blogs, readers will be able to find everything they need to exercise their mind to start and run a business from the scratch.


Lady WordPress

lady wordpress

Lady WordPress advices bloggers on choosing the apt themes and plugins for their blogs, alongside their news and reviews.



code in wp image

CodeinWP.com is a complete WordPress blog that covers an entire surface of the WordPress and provides its readers a complete idea of how WordPress works and how bloggers can put up with its fast pacing upgrades. Say if a blogger or a business feels like they’re lacking behind, then CodeinWP might just help them out of their distress in a snap.


In A Nutshell

Blogging sure is easy, but there are a few technicalities, which if left unnoticed can affect the overall progress of it. WordPress is an ultimate blogging tool that provides the best content management system without a doubt, however, with the fast pace it’s growing with, it surely does become impossible for bloggers to cope up, which results often as failure. With the help of these blogs, newbies, businesses and fulltime/part-time bloggers can create a better understanding of WordPress, in no time.

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